Many front-line workers are still waiting for Coronavirus tests and results

Front line workers in the fight to against Coronavirus are still being hampered by a lack of testing and the slow release of Coronavirus test results.

Despite the government’s claim that over 100,000 people are being for Coronavirus every day, a report from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has found more than 76% of Health and Social Care workers have not been offered a test for Covid-19.

Here in Cornwall, even where nurses have had the test some are having to wait for over a week to get the results.

A nurse from North Cornwall who wished to remain anonymous said: 

'I had symptoms and went to be tested but I am still waiting for my results 9 days later. It is a complete joke that frontline staff are waiting this long for test results. I know some staff have got fed up waiting if they feel OK and have just returned to work which potentially is putting lives at risk, what is the point in testing if you don't get results? I am really angry about it.” 

Rob Rotchell, Cabinet member for Adults at Cornwall Council added: 

“I was really surprised to hear from a friend, that despite having taken the test for Coronavirus she still hasn’t had the test results some nine days later. 

“The fact that not even frontline workers are being adequately tested shows yet again Government failing Cornwall in this crisis. There have been health workers turning up at test centres with appointments that were not open or sent to the wrong location. This is simply not got good enough.” 

RCN source article

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