Are you letting Tories win in Cornwall?

Voting Labour or Independent is a statement of belief. But what if your choice had unintended consequences? An outcome that was completely opposite to your beliefs and values?

In the Cornwall Council election on May 4th the harsh reality is that it is a two-horse race between the service cutting Tories who seek to slash and burn, and the Liberal Democrats, who have shown they can retain services and be a safe prudent pair of hands in Cornwall.

There are a lot of false claims about our record, especially from the Conservatives, but they would do that wouldn’t they.

The fact is that 62 seats are needed for a majority. Labour, for whatever reason, are only fielding 58 candidates in Cornwall (10 fewer than last time), so if every one of them wins they would still not have a majority, and in the last election a mere handful of Labour candidates were successful.

Lib Dems stand for openness, tolerance and fair play, giving a voice to all. Many lifelong labour voters have similar values.

So this weekend, ahead of the postal vote next week, we are asking you to consider whether a vote for Labour or Green or MK or Independent  is going to do anything other than help the Tories take control in Cornwall.

We have already seen how little 6 Tory MP’s do for Cornwall, being the mouthpieces of Theresa May rather than the representatives of Cornwall. It has been reported in the past week that at least one Tory candidate holds rather unsavoury views supporting the English Defence League. And we know that a number of former Tory candidates and councillors have changed their flag to “independent” to avoid the backlash against their party. We also know their record in Cornwall on service closures, consultant spend, council debt, expenses etc. from their last stint in control. 

So please, before you cast your vote, consider whether you can vote Lib Dem this time, a practical tactical vote to keep the Tories out.

The Tories are at the door – will you let them in again?


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