Time to cut aircraft emissions from Newquay airport

Aircraft vapour trails

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have called for emissions on aircraft using Newquay airport to be reduced every year and eliminated altogether by 2040.


The call came as part of a motion at today’s Cornwall Council meeting, proposed by Edwina Hannaford, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group. The motion also called for ground operations, including passenger journeys to and from the airport to be made carbon-neutral by 2030.

Cllr Hannaford said “It’s bad enough that some people are opposing any restrictions on flights, but the Council is actually spending over £400,000 per year on subsidising the operation of half-empty planes between Cornwall and London. At a time when the Council faces a financial emergency and the world faces a climate emergency, “business as usual” simply isn’t acceptable.”

Unfortunately, no debate was allowed as the Conservative Chair of the Council voted that it would be inconvenient to discuss it today and the issue was not sufficiently urgent for a full Council debate!

The matter will now be referred to the Cabinet, where ten Conservatives will vote on the proposals. Cllr Hannaford is still hopeful that the Lib Dem proposal will be approved, as members from all parties have offered their support, including Martin Alvey, the Cabinet Member for Environment.

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