Lib Dems on Cornwall Council call on the Government to put social care at the heart of new Health Bill

The release of the government’s white paper setting out legislative proposals that will result in profound changes to the provision of health care is a step in the right direction, however, it has failed to lay out a substantial plan for social care, despite consistent calls for reform.

Lib Dems at Cornwall Council are calling for legislation on the funding of social care as a matter of urgency, as well as increasing the role of public health in preventing illness.

Since 2017 Liberal Democrats at Cornwall Council have improved care for vulnerable and older adults:

  • Freed up over 7,000 hospital bed days a year, by ensuring people get the care they need to leave hospital without delay, once they are well enough.
  • Helped more people to get well enough to live independently in their own home again after a stay in hospital, rather than going into care. Thanks to our investment in re-ablement services, this year 11 per cent more older people are going home after a stay in hospital, rather than going into care.
  • Achieved a 24% increase in the number of people with Learning Disability Support who have a paid job.
  • Increased investment in adult social care by over £44 million a year - so that we can care for the growing number of vulnerable and older adults in Cornwall who need our support.
  • Achieved a 3 percentage point increase in the number of people we care for who say that their quality of life is ‘so good it could not be better, or very good’ which now stands at 38%. Over one in nine (91%) of people we care for and support say that our services make them feel safe and secure. 

Rob Rotchell, Lib Dem portfolio for Adult Social Care said:

“Whilst I think that the White Paper is welcome and allows for the further integration of health and social care, it is again a missed opportunity to resolve the long standing issue of the funding of Adult Social Care.

“I hope it isn’t just another rebranding exercise which we have seen in the past. Let’s not forget that the Prime Minister promised that resolving the problem of funding for ASC was one of his top priorities and thus far has failed on that promise.”

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