Lib Dems on Cornwall Council Call on Government to raise Carer’s Allowance to support “unseen and undervalued” carers

Responding to the new report from Carers UK, ‘Unseen and undervalued’, which was published this week and puts the value of care provided by unpaid carers during the Covid-19 pandemic at £530 million a day, Rob Rotchell, Lib Dem Cabinet member for Adults at Cornwall Council said:  

“Unpaid carers are doing a remarkable and important job in very difficult circumstances. They deserve our support, but as this report from Carers UK shows, carers are unseen and undervalued by this Conservative Government.

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Cornwall Councillors approve ‘The Cornwall We Want’ future vision for Cornwall

The Cornwall We Want’ future vision for Cornwall created by Cornwall residents and supported by Lib Dems and Independents on Cornwall Council has been approved at today’s full council meeting. 

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Lib Dems on Cornwall Council challenge Conservative holiday home windfall

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have responded to Conservative councillors’ accusations of ‘cash handouts for second home owners’ by pointing out that they have been fighting the Tory second home tax avoidance scheme since 2012.

In April, the Liberal Democrat group on Cornwall Council challenged the Tory Government’s budget giveaway for holiday home owners and urge them to help those most in need.

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Lib Dems on Cornwall Council slam Conservative MPs for voting against free school meals for Cornish children

Cornwall's Conservative MPs voted last night (Wednesday) to reject calls to extend free school meals over half term and the Christmas holiday. The campaign has been led by football star Marcus Rashford, who recently received an MBE for his work on this issue.

Each of Cornwall's six Conservative MPs voted with the government to reject the plan that aimed to prevent more than 11,000 children in Cornwall going hungry this winter as families struggle with bills.

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Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have called upon the Government to adopt a five point plan to address the Covid crisis

Alongside a circuit break, the Liberal Democrats demand the Government takes the following steps in order to get a grip on this crisis

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Lib Dems on Cornwall Council Slam Conservative Government inaction failing survivors of sexual violence

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have called upon the Conservative Government to do more for survivors of sexual violence following today’s release of a Victim Commissioner’s report on rape survivors and the criminal justice system.

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Lib Dems on Cornwall Council Denounce Conservative MPs for Voting to Lower Food Standards

Cornwall Council’s Liberal Democrat group have denounced Conservative MPs for voting to lower food standards in a debate in the Commons (12th October 2020).

The Agriculture Bill: Lords Amendment was a House of Lords amendment designed to ensure that agricultural and food imports meet UK domestic standards for welfare and quality. Cornish Conservative MPs voted against the bill, harming their farming communities.

Cornwall Liberal Democrats have launched a petition calling on the Government not to sign a trade deal with the USA that would expose British farmers to cheap food imports, lower UK animal welfare and food production standards and damage the environment.

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Lib Dems on Cornwall Council take action to reopen leisure centres in October

Lib Dems and their Independent colleagues on Cornwall Council have provided a relief package enabling Cornwall’s leisure centres to reopen by mid October despite a lack of support from the Government. 

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"Conservative Councillors sit on the fence again as Government plans to concrete over Cornwall and slash affordable housing

Tory councillors in Cornwall have been condemned by local Liberal Democrats for sitting on the fence over the motion to stop a ‘developers’ charter’ at today’s full Council meeting.  

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Tories Vote Against Major Investment in Cornish Schools

The Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have slammed Tories who voted against major investment in Cornwall’s schools at today’s online full council meeting. 

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