Government will be held to account over Brexit

The Liberal Democrat Group on Cornwall Council have marked Brexit Day by calling on the Government to deliver on their promises that Cornwall will be fairly funded after Brexit and that Cornish businesses and services won’t suffer.

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Forest for Cornwall - 52,000 trees and rising

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council are celebrating passing the 50,000 tree mark in their flagship Forest for Cornwall program.

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Britain's 'Leading Edge' to discuss how fairer funding for Cornwall can help drive post Brexit Britan

Representatives from Cornwall Council are to meet as part of ‘Britain’s Leading Edge’ a group of upper tier councils representing largely rural regions of the UK.

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Lib Dems on Cornwall Council have directed part of their ‘apprenticeship levy’ funding to provide apprenticeships for carers.

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Save your food waste and help save the planet

Cornwall Council's new waste collection service due to be phased in from Summer 2021 is expected to increase recycling by over 10% and create over 100 new jobs.

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Cornwall Lib Dem Council Group position on a Stadium for Cornwall

Cornwall Lib Dem Councillors take up their position as decision time on a Stadium for Cornwall gets nearer.
On March 28th Cornwall Council’s Cabinet meet to consider whether to recommend the Council plug a £6m funding gap to facilitate the Stadium for Cornwall, ahead of a yes/no vote for all Councillors on the matter in April. The Stadium is planned for a site at Langarth near Threemilestone and is being led by a partnership between the Cornish Pirates, Truro City Football Club and Truro and Penwith College. The group behind the project says it now has £6 million towards the development, with the ability to borrow another £2 million. But another £6 million of public sector investment is needed for the partners to deliver the stadium in 2019.
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Brexit threat to Cornish Pasties - Lib Dems say "Keep America's hands off our Pasties"


US food producers may be able to make and sell 'Cornish Pasties' made in America following Brexit, according to media reports. The US has long been opposed to the rules that mean that a Cornish Pasty can only be described as ‘Cornish” if it is made in Cornwall, and have been lobbying for these rules to be dropped after Brexit.

Derris Watson, Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats, said:

“A Cornish Pasty should be just that, a pasty made in Cornwall. We fought hard for many years to get protected status for the Cornish Pasty and to see it thrown away as part of Brexit is a disgrace. The Government have refused to say that the protected status of the Cornish Pasty, Cornish Clotted Cream, or any of the other regionally protected foods, will continue after Brexit.”

Protected Geographical Status has been a key tool is supporting the quality of locally produced foods as well as local jobs. US Food organisations believe that they should be overturned according to reports in today’s Daily Mail and The I newspaper.

Derris Watson said:

“The rules protecting the Cornish Pasty help preserve the quality and integrity of the Pasty and it is an integral part of Cornish culture and identity. On St Piran’s Day, the national Day of Cornwall, we say ‘Keep America’s hands off our Pasties.”

Conservative Government cuts in funding mean a 4.99% hike in Council Tax for Cornwall

Cornwall Council Cabinet have approved a proposed balanced budget and increase in Council tax of 4.99%, although a last minute handout from the Government, has kept this down from the 5.99% that was originally planned in order to maintain essential services.

Councillor Adam Paynter, Leader of Cornwall Council said: "This year we have seen a cut of more than £70m in Revenue Support Grant from the Government. Yesterday’s announcement from central Government on additional funding, though welcome, does not go far enough to provide sustainable funding for Cornwall.

“The Government is using Councils like Cornwall as a “stealth tax”, in the expectation that Councils can just pick up the bill when there is rising demand for services. When residents see the increases that we have had to make, they should know where to lay the blame, it is because of this Conservative Government’s cuts in funding.

“In spite of the draconian cuts in funding, we have formulated a balanced budget that will deliver real benefits to the people of Cornwall.

The proposed budget will:

• Protect vulnerable children, adults and families with a 10% increase in funding for Adult Social Services and a 5% increase to children and family services

• Reduce fuel poverty, helping over 1,100 homes to stay warmer for less

• Provide extra provision for care leavers who will now receive additional support with their council tax

• Provide £1.2m to Citizens Advice Cornwall over four years so the service can provide continued support and advice to residents

• Bring long term empty properties into use by charging a 100% council tax premium from April 2019

• Invest over £800m through the capital programme in new and improved housing, major highways and transportation links and projects supporting economic growth

• Provide capital investment to build 1,000 homes, and help grow the economy, jobs and choice for local people

• Give residents more influence in local decision making by providing community network panels an allocation of £1m per year to determine local Highway capital works

• Provide the Foundation Living Wage for Council staff and all Council contracts which will help support the local economy by boosting local wages

• Ensure continued support for those in need with paying their Council tax bills.

Cllr Paynter said : “We have an ageing population growing at a rapid pace that will put more and more demand on services. Where’s the money to support these future needs?

“That’s why we are campaigning for a fairer funding deal for Cornwall that is based on need instead of an outdated funding model that doesn’t take in to account need or the added cost of delivering services in rural areas.

“A fairer funding model could deliver an extra £39million for Cornwall every year – that’s an extra £71 for every resident. It would mean rather than having to make decisions to reduce services, we could look at opportunities to boost road maintenance, support for children and families and create more jobs – the things residents tell us are most important to them.

“Politicians of all persuasions should be putting their backing behind this fair funding campaign. What we need is support for sustainable, long-term funding which protects services the people of Cornwall need most.”

Lib Dem leader launches Cornwall Council campaign with 1,000 homes to rent pledge


Lib Dem leader launches Cornwall Council campaign with 1,000 homes to rent pledge.

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“A new deal for funding NHS and social care needed” says Lib Dem Shadow Health Secretary

“A new deal for funding NHS and social care needed” says Lib Dem Shadow Health Secretary Norman Lamb meeting Cornwall health and social care leaders.

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