Lib Dems launch housing Justice campaign

Cornwall Liberal Democrats will take their Housing Justice Charter to Parliament.

The Charter restates and reinforces the Cornwall Liberal Democrats’ longstanding commitment to register and limit second homes, tax them more, invest more in social housing, strengthen planning controls to stop unaffordable projects as well as demand the payback of over £100 million of Cornwall’s covid aid to second homers to combat the housing emergency. A petition will be presented to Parliament in the spring.

Cllr Colin Martin said, “Cornish residents in insecure housing are experiencing a perfect storm – a shrinking and expensive private rented sector and an industrial-scale growth of wealthy investors of second, holiday and Airbnb homes.

“Treating Cornwall as a developers’ paradise hasn’t worked. The Cornish housing stock has been one of the fastest growing places in the UK since the 1960s, yet the housing problems of locals have deteriorated.

“Cornwall’s growing army of locals in caravans, winter lets, inadequate, insecure accommodation and worse deserve answers …and decent homes”


Cllr Andrew George added, “Meanwhile, second homers have been rewarded by the Conservatives with multi-million-pound tax loop-holes and then over £100 million of Cornwall’s COVID aid. At the same time demand for rental properties in Cornwall is the third highest in the country. Yet the availability of such properties has crashed by 72% over the last two years.

“The Conservatives are NOT closing the multi-million tax loophole for second homeowners. In fact, they are just enabling it; making yet another purposeful-sounding announcement in their desperate attempt to save face. There is as much chance of the Government closing the loophole as there is of PM Johnson understanding the difference between truth and fiction. The recent resignation of Lord Agnew in protest at the level of COVID aid fraud further reinforces this.

“If they want to do something useful, they should claw back the £104 million of Cornwall’s Covid aid handed out to those second homers who use this loophole and instead use it to help the thousands of local families in serious housing insecurity” 

Cornwall’s Liberal Democrats are determined to put justice for all at the heart of housing and planning policy.

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