Lib Dem housing strategy helping to tackle deprivation in Cornwall

Cornwall’s deprivation ranking has improved since 2015 according to new figures. Recently published Indices of Multiple Deprivation – measures that include income, employment, education, living environment, housing and health – show that Cornwall is now ranked 83rd out of 317 local authority areas for deprivation, down from 68th out of 326 local authority areas in 2015.

Cornwall now has fewer neighbourhoods in the top 30% most deprived, with 83 in 2019 compared to 95 in 2015.

A significant proportion of neighbourhoods have become less deprived in measures of crime, earnings and housing, particularly amongst the most deprived areas.

These figures are boosted by the housing strategy championed by Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council to provide 1000 affordable homes by May 2021, lifting people in Cornwall out of homelessness and poverty.

Responding to the report, Deputy Leader of Cornwall Council, Adam Paynter said,

“It’s great to see our hard work on Cornwall Council paying off and improving the lives of Cornish people. We have invested £10 million to ensure the lowest paid workers delivering services via Council contracts get paid the real living wage which is over £1 more per hour than the governments minimum wage.

Liberal Democrat policies including providing 1000 affordable homes, enhancing living environments across Cornwall, supporting businesses in Cornwall, and homelessness interventions have helped reduce deprivation levels in the Duchy.” 

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Homes on Cornwall Council Joyce Duffin said,

“The Lib Dem housing policy in Cornwall has paid off and is lifting people out of poverty.

The Tories sold off council houses and prevented Cornwall Council building more for decades. Despite this, we have helped Cornish residents find high quality homes through the creation of new council houses, working with the private sector to increase the number of affordable homes they build, and making use of unused properties.”

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