Government will be held to account over Brexit

The Liberal Democrat Group on Cornwall Council have marked Brexit Day by calling on the Government to deliver on their promises that Cornwall will be fairly funded after Brexit and that Cornish businesses and services won’t suffer.

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 31st January 2020 after a protracted withdrawal following the referendum in 2016. The Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have called for the Government to ensure Cornish industries and services – such as farming, fishing and the NHS – won’t suffer through any new permit scheme for essential labour from the EU.

Post-Brexit, the Liberal Democrats on Cornwall are working to ensure:

• Healthy trade links between Cornwall and the EU continue (unlike the UK overall, Cornwall has a trade surplus to the EU)
• Co-operation for key industries to thrive, including tourism, the creative sector and agriculture
• Cornish partners continue participation in research and innovation projects with leading European universities and research institutions.
• Cornish businesses can continue to grow and prosper through access to workforce labour, including seasonal agriculture workers.
• Enshrining the value of regional cooperation as a key building block for growth.
• The Cornish fishing fleet need the support promised by the Brexiteers.

Commenting, Deputy Leader of Cornwall Council, Adam Paynter said, “We welcome the Prime Minister’s support for Cornwall guaranteeing it will be no worse off after Brexit. We hope that levels of funding in Cornwall and access to essential workers will be maintained following Brexit Day.
As a farmer, I know the importance to Cornwall’s economy and services of bringing in necessary labour from the EU through an appropriate permit scheme.
Now that the election is over it is time for the Tories to deliver on their promises, we will hold them to account.”

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