Flood gates open as government confirms day trips to Cornwall are allowed

Cornwall Lib Dems are calling for a change to the new government guidance on movement during lockdown that could see a flood of day trippers visiting the Duchy during the ongoing Coronavirus emergency. 

Clarification of the latest rules on movement during has confirmed that day trips to Cornwall are permitted but that staying at second homes or other holiday accommodation is not allowed. 

Rob Nolan, Lib Dem portfolio holder for Environment and Public Protection said: 

Whilst I am pleased that the Government have ruled out staying at second homes, holiday and other temporary accommodation such as Airbnb, like many other people I am worried the new government guidelines will open the floodgates to day trippers visiting some of our popular tourist hotspots. Modern cars are fast and comfortable, and people can travel long distances in a day. The government needs to change their guidance to limit the distance people can travel or Cornwall could fast become a Covid-19 hotspot. 

Florence MacDonald, Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle added: 

“This is madness. The new government regulations mean that anyone within striking distance of Cornwall’s beaches can jump in the car and spend the day.  People will rightly be worried that the virus will be spread inadvertently by people who don’t even know they have it. This has to be stopped before it undoes everything achieved by the lock-down." 


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