Lib Dems on Cornwall Council slam government for failing Cornish fishermen

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council are calling on Cornish MPs not to back Boris’s fishing deal that will leave our fishing industry out of pocket.

In the deal made on Christmas Eve, Boris Johnson let down Cornish fishermen by failing to deliver on his promises. Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council are calling on Cornish MPs not to back Boris’s fishing deal at the Commons vote tomorrow (Wednesday 30th December). The key points of the fishing deal are:

  • The extra fish quota due to us under the international law of zonal attachment should have been in the region of 60/70% in year one, instead we have been given an amount equating to just 25% over 5.5 years.
  • The 12 miles exclusive limit that Boris promised and that Norway has, will not be granted.
  • The EU has enshrined the right to impose tariffs and penalties if the U.K. withdraws access in future years. If we don’t comply entirely with the new arrangements on quotas, then the EU can stop exports of fish (a major market for UK fishing).  
  • The Government promised frictionless trade.  But all our fish and seafood exports will now include a huge amount of paperwork plus time-consuming veterinary checks.  This will have a huge impact on the ability to export fresh product which is where are most valuable markets are.

Edwina Hannaford, Liberal Democrat portfolio holder for Climate Change and Neighbourhoods and Cornwall Councillor for Looe West, Lansallos and Lanteglos said:

“Cornish inshore fishermen put their faith in Boris and Cornish MPs to stand up for them, so I understand why they now feel betrayed.  For little extra fish to catch, our best market and most profitable market is still in jeopardy.  And the real negotiation has been put off for five years by which time the rest of the country will have moved on.

“We are calling on Cornish MPs not to vote through this betrayal to our fishing industry, this is not the deal or outcome that Boris and the Government had promised our fishermen. Liberal Democrats will continue to stand up and be counted for the sake of the fishing community here in Cornwall.”

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