Lib Dems on Cornwall Council vow to fight Tory plans for developers charter

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have vowed to oppose Tory Government’s plans for a new 'developers charter' that will sweep away existing planning regulations and remove the right of local people to have a say over local planning proposals. 

The Tory Government’s plans, concocted by spin doctor Dominic Cummings, will prevent local people from blocking developments in, as yet undesignated, growth zones and give the London based Planning Inspectorate more power over building developments in Cornwall. The bill will also relax requirements to publicise planning applications, reducing local people’s say in planning decisions.

Chris Batters, Liberal Democrat Chair of Cornwall Council’s East Sub-Area Planning Committee said: 

“The Tories have today given developers free rein to build hundreds of unaffordable homes across Cornwall. The Government seems intent on forcing through more deregulation, which takes local decision making out of the planning process altogether. The Council will have no say about what is built or where, while the only true beneficiaries will be the major house builders and their ever increasing profits.” 

Malcolm Brown, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group said:  

"I have been a member of Planning Committees in Cornwall since the 1990s and a large part of my casework has always been about planning. I have seen countless examples of how London has imposed planning decisions and policies on Cornwall that have been bad and highly damaging. I also feel that the Conservative Party are far too close to the big housebuilders who care about profits not building communities. The people of Cornwall should be frightened about how this dictatorial government is acting". 

Sign our Petition to fight for Cornwall and oppose the Tories Developers Charter.


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