Tories commitment to fairer funding for Cornwall ‘a joke’ after review is kicked into the long grass

Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have labelled the Conservatives commitment to fairer funding for Cornwall a joke,’ after the Government announced that its review into Relative Needs and Resource (fairer funding) is to be delayed for a second time. 

Malcolm Brown, Leader of the Lib Dems on Cornwall Council said: 

“Liberal Democrats have always believed that the Tories commitment to fairer funding for Cornwall was a joke, closely related to their need to get Tory bums on seats in the House of Commons.  

Here once again, we see Tory promises about fairer funding made in the run up to a general election abandoned with indecent haste in the months following the election. It is no surprise to find our Tory MPs silent on the matter. They have always failed to stand up for Cornwall in the past so, it would be a real surprise if they were to step up to the plate now.” 

Adam Paynter, Deputy Leader of Cornwall Council added: 

“I was disappointed but not surprised to hear that the fairer funding review has been kicked into the long grass. What did surprise me was to hear the Minister use coronavirus as an excuse. Everyone else is doing their bit to manage their business during the crisis. I don’t see why the government can’t. 

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