Protecting the elderly and vulnerable


It’s a stark choice between Theresa May’s harsh, uncaring vision for Britain - and our vision for an open, tolerant society that cares. The Conservatives’ “dementia tax” in particular is a terrible pledge, hitting people hard at the low point.

We now know that Theresa May plans to:

  • Fund your social care by using any assets you have over £100,000. If you get ill, the “nest egg” inheritance for your children and grandchildren, which you’ve worked hard, scrimped and saved for, will disappear.

  • Scrap the triple-lock on pensions (which the Lib Dems made into law, to keep pensions in line with inflation, wages or 2.5% - whichever is highest).

  • Means test the winter fuel payments.

  • Continue to under-fund our health and social care service (to the tune of £277m in Cornwall alone).

The Liberal Democrats would:

  • limit the amount you have to pay for social care, in line with Andrew Dilnot’s original proposals.

  • Raise the amount people earn before losing the Carer’s Allowance.

  • Fund the NHS properly, raising £6bn by adding a penny in the pound to income tax.

  • Promote easier access to GPs and prevent practice closures.

  • Raise the inheritance tax threshold.

With Cornwall being hit with cuts and under-funding, and with 6 Conservative MPs who have been doing the Prime Minister’s bidding rather than standing up for Cornwall, isn’t it time we had Lib Dem MPs that fight for Cornwall again?

Only the Liberal Democrats can stop the Conservatives winning in Cornwall.

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