Cornwall Council Lib Dem Group Announce New Leader

Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Councillor for Looe West, Lansallos, Pelynt and Lanteglos, has been elected by Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council to be their Group Leader with Cllr Colin Martin, Cornwall Councillor for Lostwithiel and Lanreath, as her deputy.

Edwina has campaigned on protecting the environment, tackling climate change and the localism agenda in the last administration, both key issues for Liberal Democrats.

Edwina and the Lib Dem group are calling on the new Conservative-led Cornwall Council to challenge the national Tory plans, after the Government reneged on their election promises less than one week after polling day.

Commenting, Edwina Hannaford, said:

“Conservatives promised to sort out social care; provide more affordable housing; stop excessive development on the Cornish countryside; and rebuild the economy after COVID by focusing on green jobs. They also all promised to be more careful with public money.

“But less than a week later, we see that Boris Johnson's Government plans to impose massive new house-building targets, reduce the power of local communities to stop inappropriate developments, scrap affordable housing quotas and do nothing about funding social care or cutting carbon emissions. They have also proposed plans to give politicians more power to decide who gets given public-sector contracts.

“And just in case the public don't like these promises being broken, the Government (which has already restricted the right to peaceful protest), now plans to restrict the power of MPs to hold ministers to account in Parliament and the right for the public to challenge the Government in court. They even want to make it harder to vote them out at the next election!

“The first test of Cornwall's new Conservative leaders will be to see how many of these disastrous plans they can block, and how many of their promises they can deliver.”

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