Cornwall Lib Dems support calls for a ‘Cornish’ option on the census planned for 2021

Cornwall Liberal Democrats have called on our Tory MPs to step up to the plate and deliver a ‘Cornish’ option for the national identity question planned for 2021.

It is understood that currently, the Census Order (England and Wales) that is due to be considered by MPs on Wednesday (6th May), does not contain a specific ‘Cornish’ option for nationality identity.

Liberal Democrats in government were instrumental in securing national minority status for the Cornish in 2014.

Malcolm Brown, Leader of the Lib Dems on Cornwall Council said:

“I am really pleased that the leader of Cornwall Council and indeed Leaders from all political parties on the Council were able to come together to support a Cornish option for the national identity question planned for the 2021 census. It would be a real shame if any of Cornwall’s Conservative MPs felt unable to support it. If the Census Order cannot be amended due to the extraordinary circumstances parliament currently finds itself in, then the Order should be delayed until the matter can be considered properly.

"I am working with Liberal Democrat MPs and peers to try to ensure that the case for Cornwall is put strongly in both Houses of Parliament".  

Florence MacDonald, Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle added:

“Celtic nations such as Wales and Scotland have long enjoyed the right to record their national identity on the Census. Surely it is only right that those who identify as Cornish are given that same basic right? It is time for our Conservative MPs to prove their commitment to local people and stand up for a Cornish option.”

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