Conservatives broken promise hits Cornwall's self employed

The Chancellor has broken a Conservative manifesto pledge by introducing a tax on Cornwall’s 63,000 self employed, with a rise in National Insurance payments that will cost them each more than £200 a year. Meanwhile cuts in corporation tax will still go ahead and wealthy pensioners will not being ask to pay a greater share.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Cornwall Council Adam Paynter said: “This is a tax on builders, taxi drivers, hairdressers and window cleaners, some of Cornwall’s hardest working people. It will disproportionately hit Cornwall, as the Duchy has one of the highest rates of self employment in the UK. The Conservatives promised not to increase National Insurance in their 2015 manifesto and it just goes to show that Conservative promises are not worth the paper they are written on."

“Companies will continue to save money by using workers without giving them the security and benefits of staff jobs. Meanwhile, these workers will have to pay more. This is patently as unfair as it is a tax on entrepreneurship and hard work.”

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