Make Cornwall carbon neutral by 2030

Cornwall Liberal Democrats are determined to tackle climate change.

In January 2019 Lib Dem led Cornwall Council declared a climate emergency.

Since then we have published a climate action plan that sets the ambitious target of making Cornwall carbon neutral by 2030 - a full twenty years ahead of the UK government's target.

We recognise the need for urgent action but also that local actions really do matter.

The sooner we change, the sooner we can create a Cornwall that provides a clean, prosperous and fair future for all.

What we have done so far

  • Published a climate action plan which is being used b other Councils as a template to follow
  • Started planting The Forest for Cornwall which will eventually cover 8,000 hectares and capture up to 38,000 tonnes of carbon each year.
  • Started a pilot project retrofitting Cornwall Housing homes to make them more energy efficient and reduce bills for local residents.   
  • Invested in a 3mw wind turbine and 2 deep geothermal projects.  
  • Applied for grants to significantly increase the number of electric vehicle charging points across Cornwall

This is  great start, but we cannot do it alone.

We will need support from all local residents. From local communities, businesses, schools, public sector partners, the voluntary sector and many more. You have an important role to play in making change happen. Not just as residents, but in your working lives too.

Take the carbon pledge

If you support the climate change work the Lib Dems are doing on Cornwall Council and would like to make Cornwall carbon neutral by 2030 then take the carbon pledge and make a truly green peninsula a reality.

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