Tories Vote Against Major Investment in Cornwall

The Liberal Democrats on Cornwall Council have slammed Tories who voted against major investment in Cornwall at today’s online full council meeting. 

A boost to the Capital Programme investing in improving Cornwall was proposed by Deputy Leader of Cornwall Council, Lib Dem Councillor Adam Paynter. The proposed boost to Cornwall was approved, however, many Tories voted against investments in Cornwall’s schools, roads, the Tamar Bridge and disabled facilities. 

The Capital Programme is a long-term programme of projects delivering on significant improvements, facilitating and enabling key projects for the residents of Cornwall. The latest overall programme includes major planned expenditure of:  

  • £290m on highways improvements and transport links including those which are being delivered through the Growth Deal programme 
  • £500m on new and improved housing projects, including the Housing Development Programme and schemes within the Housing Revenue Account. 
  • £270m on schemes which support economic growth, including schemes which are being developed as part of the Council’s Investment Programme. 

Deputy Leader of Cornwall Council, Adam Paynter: 

“It is shocking but not surprising that Tories on Cornwall Council have voted against an uplift to the Council's Capital Programme. They have voted AGAINST investment in school improvements, road improvements, Tamar Bridge and ferry improvements, disabled facilities grants and health and safety improvements to our environmental assets!! 

“This follows on from Boris Johnson’s shameful comments yesterday that care home staff were responsible for unnecessary Covid-19 deaths when the responsibility lies firmly at his feet. This is just another example of just how out of touch the Tories in Cornwall and in Westminster are”. 

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