Brexit threat to Cornish Pasties - Lib Dems say "Keep America's hands off our Pasties"


US food producers may be able to make and sell 'Cornish Pasties' made in America following Brexit, according to media reports. The US has long been opposed to the rules that mean that a Cornish Pasty can only be described as ‘Cornish” if it is made in Cornwall, and have been lobbying for these rules to be dropped after Brexit.

Derris Watson, Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats, said:

“A Cornish Pasty should be just that, a pasty made in Cornwall. We fought hard for many years to get protected status for the Cornish Pasty and to see it thrown away as part of Brexit is a disgrace. The Government have refused to say that the protected status of the Cornish Pasty, Cornish Clotted Cream, or any of the other regionally protected foods, will continue after Brexit.”

Protected Geographical Status has been a key tool is supporting the quality of locally produced foods as well as local jobs. US Food organisations believe that they should be overturned according to reports in today’s Daily Mail and The I newspaper.

Derris Watson said:

“The rules protecting the Cornish Pasty help preserve the quality and integrity of the Pasty and it is an integral part of Cornish culture and identity. On St Piran’s Day, the national Day of Cornwall, we say ‘Keep America’s hands off our Pasties.”

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